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Red Anar export from Iran

Pomegranate or red anar is bred mainly in Iran. More than 50% of world anar is breeding in Iran and this fruit is exported to different countries from Iran. Before time, only Iran exported this fruit. Red Anar export from Iran that has high request in markets. Today some other countries produce and export that.

Important strains of red anar

Anar tree grows in semi-tropic areas, it has 4 meters’ height. More than 750 strains of pomegranate exist in Iran. Iranian famous strains are: red seed shahsavar, meykhosh, Saveh sweet anar, Saveh Alak, red seed Isfahan males (sweet and sour), Khorasan crystal kap, and ghom ghochag. Morphology of red anar to be accepted as export crop are:

  1. Color of the hull,
  2. Color of seed,
  3. Taste of seed,
  4. hull thickness
  5. Weight of the fruit.

These pomegranates have the mentioned morphologic feature: Saveh males, Neyriz Robab, Ferdos crystal kap, Badrood Naderi, Yazd males, ghom ghochag, Arjestan Mehvalat, and Bejestani Gonabad. They are the best export crop.


Production and preservation of pomegranate

Pomegranate is native plant in central and Eastern areas of Iran until Himalayan mountains and north of India. Indeed, Saveh, Fars, Jolfa, Koohdasht, Gilan, Firoozkooh are the areas that produce the best pomegranate crop. The names of these areas are holding on their Pomegranate crop.

I mean Saveh anar or Fars anar are pomegranates that are bred in Saveh region or Fars region. To keep pomegranate for a long time you must wrap that and use newspaper or keep in a wooden basket. Put it in a cold place that is not sunny, for example in a cellar. Suitable temperature to keep pomegranate is 5 degrees. To keep safe, the export pomegranate you must use containers with special fridge. Red anar is exported from Iran to 20 countries of world.

Vitarad company is able to produce and export the best anar crop to these countries.


Main buyers of Iranian pomegranate

The marketing of export pomegranate focuses on a target society. This target society is combination of small retailers and megamalls of developed and developing countries. Many producer companies focus on digital marketing. The price of Iranian red pomegranate depends on place of production, brand of crop, packing quality, rate of foreigner currency, being organic.

Online sale grows 15% a year toward traditional sale and this fact shows that you can trust the modern methods. 20 countries of world are anxious to buy Iranian pomegranate. Some of these countries are: Germany, England, Arabic Emirate, Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherland, and south Korea. The indicated countries are the biggest buyers of Iranian red anar.

The rate of anar export is in maximum, because it has the highest quality.


Important areas that produce anar

Saveh Males pomegranate is unique in the entire world because it has special taste. The important feature of Saveh pomegranate is density of its juice. This density is named “Brix” index. Saveh pomegranate has higher brix so that no pomegranates crop in the world has this amount brix. This characteristic is due to special weather that exists in Saveh region. It is possible to make 0.5 kilo gram pomegranate paste from only one-liter pomegranate juice, because density of Saveh pomegranate juice is high.

The color of saveh hull is red and it is thick. Moreover, Fars is a producer pole of pomegranate in Iran. More than 6500-hectare pomegranate gardens are in Neyriz county in Fars state. Crop of this region is exported to south Korea, Russia, Middle East countries, Persian Gulf countries and some European countries. The third area that produces red anar is around Aras river in north west of Iran (Jolfa), these lands are perfect to cultivate and breed this crop. The Males pomegranate of Jolfa is remarkable because she is in Armenia and Azerbaijan neighborhood.

Finally, the most areas of Gilan are under cultivation of sour and sweet anars.


Iranian pomegranates

Iranian pomegranates, or as the locals call them, Anar are one of the best types of pomegranates available in the world, with the greatest taste and the highest amount of nutrients. Every year, there a lot of red Anar exports from Iran, mostly to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries of the region.

Pomegranates help our body in many ways from skin care to heart problems and even preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Anar exports are also done in large quantities by the Iranian as they are one of the most important and valuable Iranian products. Also all of the parts of this amazing super fruits, even the seeds and skin used for different medical purposes.


Red pomegranate or Anar production in Iran

Pomegranates of Anars originally come from the modern day Iran and northern India, and have cultivated in these parts of the world for thousands of years. Anar exports are a million-dollar industry in Iran and help the country’s economy a lot. Iran is the number one producer of these amazing fruits in the world, and India is in the 2nd place following closely.
Most of the Iranian sweet pomegranates produced in the southern and central states of the country. This is because of the fact that sweet pomegranates need a lot of sunshine in order to grow. On the other hand, most of the Iranian sour pomegranates produced in the northern regions.


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What benefits does pomegranate have?

The health benefits of pomegranates are uncountable, and they are delicious too. Pomegranates have anti-oxidant, anti-viral, and anti-tumor properties and are said to be a good source of vitamins, especially A, C, and E. These antioxidants can help regulate the blood pressure and assure the health of the heart.
The vitamin A in the fruit will also do magic for the eyesight and prevents night blindness. They are also good for the skin and hair, and many companies extract oil from their many seeds. These high and increasing amounts of Anar exports are all thanks to these amazing benefits.


Sweet and Sour Anar exports

Both of the Sweet and Sour pomegranates or Anars produced on large quantities in Iran. Sour pomegranates are not very popular for exports, since they not used for fresh consumption. On the other hand, sour pomegranates are very popular in Iran and usually turned into many different side products like pomegranate paste and juice.
These products used in various Iranian dishes and cuisines. Sweet pomegranates on the other hand are very popular and account for a large part of Anar exports. They exported to many countries including Russia, Iraq, and the UAE.


Anar packing in carton Plast

Like any other fruit or vegetable, packaging is an important part in the Anar exports as well. The packaging is not just about protecting the fruit from heat of physical harms along the way. The boxing of the pomegranates also makes their transportation and identification much easier.
The pomegranates usually separated according to their sizes before packaging, and their sizes could identified by the box. Also the packaging of the top shelf pomegranates will make them more presentable for the customers. This process will of course, add to the overall costs of the exports as well.


The price per ton of Iranian pomegranates

The actual wholesale price of the Iranian pomegranates, depends on the type of the Anar exports and their quantities. Iran is the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world, which by default makes it one of the biggest exporters of the fruit as well. Iran dominates the international pomegranate markets and holds a big share of the global trades.
The first thing that affect the prices directly is the amount of production of the year. The annual production of Iran ranges between 800k and 900k every year, and the higher the production, the lower the price will be. Also there are different types of Iranian pomegranates. The sweet pomegranates are for fresh consumption and more expensive than the sour types.

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