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Iranian kiwi fruit for export

Is the kiwi export type refrigerated? Buying kiwi in Mazandaran and Gilan continues every year in different ways. iranian kiwi fruit for export, must be kept in a refrigerated area at a suitable temperature in order to remain healthy. Fridge space and even the type of box picking affect the shelf life of the fruit.

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Iranian Kiwi fruit for export are among the best areas of economic activity in terms of employment creation and income generation, and on the other hand, exports can worked on. Hayward kiwi export is one of the successful export cases and goes to the sorting halls for packaging in the major weights that meet the required standards. In this place, packaged and healthy kiwi conveniently placed in plastic and cardboard boxes.

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Iran's kiwi exporters

Kiwi Howard Guilan

Is Kiwi Hayward Guilan Better or Mazandaran? It is possible to sell stiff kiwi in different weights according to the volume of order. The northern provinces of the country have been active in kiwi production for nearly 40 years and have been growing steadily during this time. The situation of production and iranian kiwi fruit for export is very good and if measures are taken in export it could be better and the space is suitable for growth. The kiwi produced in Gilan is also of the Howard type and marketed in a variety of green and gold varieties. Since Mazandaran was the first kiwi producer, most kiwi people in the province and Tonekabon know better.

But it cannot be said that the Guilan kiwi is not high quality but export-grade and since it harvested sooner than the Mazandaran kiwi can be sold sooner.

Kiwi Howard Guilan

Kiwi Shahsavar for export to Russia

Which region best suited for export to Russia? The following is a discussion about Shahsavar kiwi and its sale. Shahsavar is one of the cities where the first kiwi samples grown and marketed. iranian kiwi fruit for export are of the highest quality in the region and their quality is important in many ways. Shahsavar farmers and gardeners have involved in kiwi production for more than thirty years and their high experience and extraordinary ability has made kiwi fruit in this area more popular. Although in recent years most of the cities of Mazandaran and Gilan have been successful in kiwi cultivation and most of the Iranian kiwi products large and exported. Russia is one of the biggest markets for Iranian products with Kiwi at the forefront.

For export to Russia the best and most high quality handmade fruits exported in their own packaging and sold to Russia.

Kiwi Shahsavar for export to Russia

Mazandaran Export Kiwi

The Iranian kiwi fruit for export takes time to the fridge for sale and the fruit sorted into a suitable place for sorting. Export kiwi often refrigerated, and the kiwi placed in a refrigerated box with common weights and types in plastic boxes. The buyer or the exporter may have special boxes in mind that can be ordered. Mazandaran is the cradle of exporting and selling kiwi. The kiwi orchards in Mazandaran are sometimes pre-harvested and pre-exported kiwi can then be packaged separately.

Kiwi is purchased in many ways, and some buyers prefer to buy kiwi on the tree before harvesting. Given that the kiwi is on a small and large tree and some fruits arrive sooner and may soft, so the proposed figure is low and economical. Kiwi pre-purchase can take place before the kiwi harvest season and the kiwi purchased can used for a variety of purposes. For example, crushed kiwifruit can be used to make juices, jams and other processed products and the rest of the fruit is sold for direct consumption.

The export kiwi selected from the best quality fruits and packaged according to its size and variety. You can contact Vitarad to import this product to your country.

Mazandaran Export Kiwi

Kiwi fruit’s popularity in the world

Kiwi fruit’s popularity in the world, is constantly on the rise and every day, more and more countries are trying to produce and export them. Iran is also one of the countries that produces kiwis on a big scale, and Iranian kiwi fruits for export, are sent to lots of countries each year.

Kiwis are among the healthiest of fruits. And can help people burn fat and lose weight because of their high levels of fiber. Their black seeds are also a great source of vitamin D which is essential for the body and rare in other fruit. Kiwis are full of vitamin C, which can help the body’s digestive system, and have enzymes that help the digestion system.

Kiwi fruit's popularity in the world

Iranian kiwi fruit

Iran has entered the kiwi business a few decades ago in the 1980s. Which now has hectares of functioning farms in the northern states of the country. Iran is now biggest producer in the Middle East, and the 4th biggest producer of kiwis in the world after China, Italy, and New Zealand.

The country produces around 294400 tons of kiwis every year over 8000 hectares of land. Iranian kiwi fruits have a very high quality. Which exported to many neighboring and importing countries all over the world, every year. The northern states of Mazandaran, Guilan, and Golestan are the biggest producers of fresh kiwis in the country, respectively.

Iranian kiwi fruit

Kiwi production in Iran

All of the Iranian kiwi farms located in the northern states of Iran, which have the appropriate climate for these fruits. The state of Mazandaran us the biggest producer of this fruit with the annual production of 110000 tons every year.

Guilan, and Golestan ranked next with the annual amounts of 70000and 41000tons, respectively. These Iranian kiwis exported to 22 countries all over the world and are very popular and high demanding on the markets.

Kiwi production in Iran

Price per ton of exported kiwi

Iran is the biggest exporter of kiwis in the Middle East. This country exports around 21000 tons of fresh kiwis to 22 different countries all over the world. Iranian kiwi fruits mostly sent to Russia, Iraq and other middle eastern countries.

There a lot of different type of kiwis exported by Iran, but the most common variety is the green Hayward kiwi. There have also been some interest in the production and export of yellow or golden kiwis, by the Iranians lately.

Price per ton of exported kiwi

Iran’s kiwi exporters

Besides being one of the biggest producers of the world. Iran is also the 8th biggest exporter of fresh kiwis in the world. Most of the Iranian kiwis distributed to the local markets and consumed within the country. The biggest customers of these high quality Iranian fruits are Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and also Russia.

There are also some amount of exports to other parts of the world. But most international markets dominated by the big producers’ kiwis.

Iran's kiwi exporters

Kiwi fruit for export

Russia and Iraq are the biggest customers of Iranian kiwi fruits. There are also some exports to countries like Azerbaijan, Turkey, and the UAE. The short distance and mutual borders, causes the shipping costs to drop, and makes exports to neighboring countries more convenient.

There are a lot of local and international companies trading Iranian kiwis. Also, these kiwis are extremely popular because of their high quality, amazing taste, and the organic nature.


video below you can see Kiwi Export from Vitarad Company.

Kiwi fruit for exportThe price of kiwi in the market

There are different types of kiwis available in the market that have different prices, set according to their quality and taste. The prices also vary during the harvesting season, when there are a lot of fresh kiwis available in the market. There are also a lot of different varieties of green and golden kiwi fruit for sale.

But green Hayward kiwis the most popular and considered by many to the best. The country of the origin and the shipping cost, will definitely have a big effect of the final retail prices. Also like any other fruit, organic kiwis are also more popular and more expensive.

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