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Fresh high quality organic Iranian apple fruit

Fresh high quality organic Iranian apple fruit producing in some regions of Iran that have this capability and nature to breed apples based on this new approach. To have organic gardening these features are important: high fertility of soil, height of sea level, dry and sunny climate, low crowd of pests.

Organic crops

In prevalent gardening and chemical approach to feed the trees and to conflict against the insects and molds, almost 25 liter various chemical poisons and about 1 ton various chemical fertilizers used in per hectare apple garden. In this condition, because the area of Iranian gardens very vast, the amount of utilized poison and chemical fertilizer will be very considerable.

According to ill effects of using poisons and chemical fertilizers on ecosystem continuum, from the smallest creature to human, planning to produce organic apple is a necessary measurement. The first action is topology and finding the best location for this activity.

Today Fresh high quality organic Iranian apple is producing in Iran.

Organic crops

Market of organic apple

In organic apple shopping gallery the best apples are providing for desirable price. The sellers that buy the apple directly from the producers are the sellers of the best apples. The main sellers of apple are gardeners and fruit plazas in counties and states. Purchase of organic apple based on being useful and healthy has been arisen in fruit and vegetable markets.

Experts and scientists believe that utilize of organic productions in short time has high effects on health. Of course in short time and long time these affects are invaluable. Fresh high quality organic Iranian apples breeding in many parts and counties and villages of Iran by the gardeners and farmers. These crops exposed to markets of towns and cities.

Totally the price of organic apple is higher than usual ones but wholesale prices are better.

Market of organic apple

Organic apple and health

We are living in a world that various food crops are providing in unnatural ways and using secondary materials like chemical fertilizers. This question led to increase of proficiency and volume of production but creation of straw look on crops. This straw look is desirable for the consumers that pay attention only to appearance, but if you care about your health indeed you will prefer to buy organic crops.

Because the organic crops are producing by the natural and healthy methods and because of this reason they are worthwhile from the feed point of view. One agricultural crop that is producing by organic method is apple. Fresh high quality organic Iranian apple provided by Vitarad company.

We produce organic apple to stand against the crops that are not healthy and useful, and are only good looking.

Organic apple and health

Export of organic Iranian apple

According to 2017 records sum of expense that countries were active in apple export was 7600000 dollar. The volume of apple production entire world was 930000 ton. Its universal average price is 819 dollar. Production of organic apple has good capacity in Iran. Fresh high quality organic Iranian apple has its special taste and this is comparative parameter that Iranian apple has against to apple crop of other countries. Iranian apple is sold in world for average 424 dollar a ton. This the export price that we have announced in world.

Also Iran exports a main part of red, yellow and green apple to Russia. In this country Iranian apple is well-known as juicy and sweet and delicious apple. Notable to know that apple export to Russia country done based of some tariffs and no other way is possible. Iran has this capacity to grow in organic apple market; first step is introducing this crop through marketing activities and brand making. Because our apple fruit has some significant features it can be known like a brand.

Last year Iran had exported 346 million dollar organic apple and this procedure is growing every year.
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