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Export Urmia grapes to Armenia

It is some years that we are acting in different groundworks of commerce in Armenia market. Recently we were capable to export garden crops to this country. Grape is a fruit that we send to Armenia and Iranian best grape is Urmia grape. Export Urmia grapes to Armenia is now afoot.

Armenia that is in Russia neighborhood is one of main canals of exporting fruit to Russia. In recent years many of merchants of this country deal with our companies to import Iranian fruits. Export Urmia grapes to Armenia is a main branch that Armenia and Iran are correspond about. In this assay we will speak about Urmia grape and Armenia commerce.

Urmia grape crop

Export of grape has the first score in Iran. Grape crop uses low amount of water until maturing and harvesting time. Urmia has a suitable geographic and climatic condition for agriculture and especially grape. In Urmia there are more than 52 strains of grape, but the main produced crops are: seedless white grape, seedless red grape and Sardasht black grape. A part of produced grape used fresh in and a part converted to raisin and other industrial meals like grape juice and wine. The other part of grape imported to Arabic countries and Russia.

In recent years export of Urmia grapes to Armenia started and we hope it will be prevalent.

Urmia grape crop

Export of Urmia grape

As you know Urmia grape has high quality and moreover than internal market it has suitable features to export market. We can observe actions of different companies to export to export grape to many countries. Today Urmia grape exported to Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Afghanistan. Export Urmia grapes to Armenia also remarked during recent years.

More than 20000 tons of the harvested grape crops are kept at the springhouse and in the other seasons provided to internal and external consumption market.

Export of Urmia grape

Price of Urmia grape

Price of Urmia grape appropriate and this issue has provided the conditions for export of grape. Fortunately there are different kinds of grape in Urmia and every kind has its characteristics. Every kind of Urmia grapes has its votaries in Iran and other countries. Export Urmia grape to Armenia is so that the Armenia merchant content and they deal with Iranian sellers. As we will say in the next row, the packing of grape is very susceptible and expenditure of packing has effect on the price of the grape party sent to market.

Make sure you will satisfied of our Urmia grape.

Price of Urmia grape

Pack of Urmia grape

Generally there are two kinds of grape packing: 1. sorting in vineyard by graph paper and after transport to springhouse they are plated and then cold shock. Finally grapes are transmitted to container that is fridge possessive. 2. Sorting after transport to springhouse and packing in 1.5 kilogram packages and covering by cellophane. Export Urmia grape to Armenia is based on international standards.

Grape is a crop that has hardest export conditions because putting it in the packs must be very delicate, if not the fruit will be damaged and the seller will be loser.

Pack of Urmia grape

Export Urmia grapes to Armenia

Marketing of export grape is focused on target societies including limit retails and super markets and mega markets of developed countries and developing countries of the world. Scantling of grape export in world market is more than 8.7 milliard dollars. The biggest exporter countries are Chile, Nether land and America. Although Armenia has many farmlands but imports many part of fruits and vegetables from other countries like Iran. The reason of this issue is the climate of Armenia. Some fruits like grape are imported from Iran. So that, export of Urmia grapes to Armenia is done as well.

Use of marketing and packing technics and actions of the companies were effective in export Urmia grapes to Armenia.

Export Urmia grapes to Armenia

export Urmia grapes

Urmia is one of the biggest and oldest producers of grapes in Iran, and the high quality products of this city is a favorite of all the foreign fruit markets. Many international Iranian and foreign fruit companies interested in these products and try to export Urmia grapes to Armenia and other countries.

Urmia grapes are the jewel of the Iranian agricultural products and have the highest quality and the best taste you could find in grapes. They grown organically in the finest and most advanced vineyards of the northern Iran and exported to foreign markets fresh. They are full of different minerals and vitamins, including the precious vitamin C.


export Urmia grapesProduction of various grapes in Urmia

The city of Urmia located in north west Iran and has the perfect dry cool climate for making very high quality table grapes. Some of the finest grapes of the country produced in this city and Urmia accounts for a large part of the country’s exports. There are many different types of Urmia grapes grown in this city that have different characteristics and various harvesting times.
But overall, most of the grapes of Iran harvested from the month of September till the end of autumn. Most of these grapes distributed and consumed within the country’s local markets. Some of the top grade grapes also packaged and exported to foreign markets.


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Grape buyers in Armenia

Armenia located in the north west of Iran, and is one of the northern neighbors of the country which shares a border with Iran. Also this city one of the main importers of the high quality Iranian grapes. They are close to the city of Urmia, and have access to the high quality amazing Urmia grapes.
Some have them got grape production of their own. But it is not enough to supply the local markets of the country. Lucky for them, one of the biggest producers of grapes in the world shares a border with them. Iranian grapes are the best option for grape imports and has a very high quality.


Grape buyers in ArmeniaHarvesting and packing grapes

The harvesting of the Urmia grapes usually starts in the last days of summer. These grapes are grown organic and do not receive any chemical pesticides and preservatives along the way. The lack of preservatives will shorten their shelf lives and they must packaged and shipped as quick as possible.
The packages must also be able to keep the grapes fresh and away from heat during all the stages of the transport. Some of them are also package in luxury boxes to target the higher class markets of the world. Overall, the packaging is a very important step in the exports, and must be taken seriously.


Harvesting and packing grapesExport Urmia grapes

A large part of the grape producers in Urmia, grow their products specifically for exports. Urmia grapes are very popular in the northern foreign markets and the climate of the city is perfect for table grapes. It is one of the best opportunities for the farmers of this city.
Producing and exporting grapes is a very profitable business, and accounts for a lot of jobs in the city of Urmia. Urmia grapes purchased every year by a lot of local and international fruit companies. These companies quickly package the grapes and ship them to a lot of foreign fruit markets in the world.


Export Urmia grapesIranian Grape Wholesale Prices

Urmia grapes are one of the highest quality Iranian grapes which generally exported for fresh consumption. These grapes are grade A, and have a larger size and smooth flawless skins. The price of these grapes are also a lot higher than the other types. They are also much sweeter than the other types and sour grapes generally exported for making side products.
The season of the harvest is also an important indicator of the price of the grapes. Especially that Iranian grapes will hit the markets the same time as some of the biggest producers of the world, and that will make the trading markets much more competitive. Iranian grapes are also extremely popular in the Middle Eastern and Russian markets.

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