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Apple fruit for sale is one of the most popular products in the world market and fortunately Iran has been successful in this field. Sales and exports of red apples worldwide estimated at $ 7.5 million a year. Overall, the export value of red apples and other apples averaged about 2 percent negative growth for all countries.

Iran red apple for export

Apple fruit for sale has a significant amount. Exports of red apples and other apple varieties have fallen by about 3percent! Among the world’s apple exporting countries. European countries have enjoyed the highest dollar value for apple exports during the year. That’s about $ 3 billion, or about 39 percent of the world’s total exports. Asian countries were the second largest exporters of red apples. And other apple varieties in the world at 5.23 %. North America’s share of exported apples is 14%. For the Latin American countries, the figure is 11% and the Oceania is about 7%; African countries account for 5% for apple exports.

Companies that export apples to countries around the world should be aware of the principles of apple packaging.

Iran red apple for export

0 to 100 Buy and sell apple for export

Apple fruit for sale more than $ 7 billion worldwide. Apple is one of the horticultural products that has a very strong export value for exporting countries.

  • The share of each exporting country estimated at about 8%, which has been declining. At present, European countries account for more than $ 3 billion in revenue. Accounting for about 40% of global exports of apple exports.
  • Central Asia accounts for about 23% of the world’s apple export share. While the Caribbean and Latin American countries account for about 11% of Mexico. With the exception of Mexico. Oceania is about 7 percent. Apples exported globally accounted for about 5% of African exports.
Other countries, such as Argentina, Belgium, France, Poland, and Italy, have recorded a negative growth rate of 10% to 30% in red apple exports!

0 to 100 Buy and sell apple for export

Semirom tree apples for export

Isfahan province apple exporters believe that in the near future we will see good openings in the export path of apple fruit sales. Governor Semirom described the fundamental solution to problems such as price setting, maintenance, sales and marketing of apples to the large cooperatives of gardeners and shareholders.

“If local people and farmers themselves set up a regional agricultural cooperative, things like brokers, fixing low rates, delaying harvest time and even The start-up of the subsidiary and conversion industries will also be resolved over time. This is the only viable solution to the problems in Semirom, where 90 to 95 percent of its people work in agriculture and horticulture, thereby securing their livelihoods.

The bulk of Semirom’s apple trees are exported and must be exported.

Semirom tree apples for export

Important points in exporting red apple to the

Exports of red apples, like the export of all kinds of fruits, require many export laws and principles of planting and planting. Not only for red apples, but also for other apple varieties, the same principles should apply. The types of red apples and other apples selected for export must have a smooth, shiny surface with no traces of cracking, cracking or any damage. Red apple products are the nicest apples on the market and, like yellow and green apples, have their own fans in different countries, so red apple packaging is of particular importance in international marketing.

According to the principles of transportation and export of fruits, apple fruit for sale must be placed in special cartons in clear, clear packaging, containing nutritional information and weight of apples. In shipping red apples for export, it is important to know what each apple’s weight is in the carton and, ultimately, the weight of the cartoon is a few kilograms. Quality fruits will always be successful in the export market of the world. A number of countries have seen positive growth in exports of red apples and other varieties of apples; Turkey, the Netherlands, Japan and China have gained more than 60% in this market.

Important points in exporting red apple to the

Apple fruit for sale

This fruit  is one of the fruits with many varieties around the world in red, yellow and green colors. Apple fruit for sale comes in various forms and various prices attracting the traders supply this great fruit to the market in highly standard packs to the world market.Apple fruit for sale


apple is fruit or vegetable

For the many benefits apple have just like the vegetables, it is sometimes believed to be a vegetable or false fruit, it gains a great popularity among the consumers and therefore a good share in the international market.apple is fruit or vegetable


benefits of apple fruit

Apple has many benefits for the body and are good for weight loss. Apples are also great for lowering the risk of heart diseases and diabetes as well as lowering the risk of cancer and many other serious diseases.benefits of apple fruit


best apple fruit in the world

This fruit comes in many varieties. The most delicious and the best variety of apple might be “Jazz”. This variety is great popularity because it is very crispy and has the right balance of sweetness and tartness.best apple fruit in the world


apple fruit for sale

Preparing apple fruit for sale in the international markets is a great importance and somehow an easy task. Therefore, the traders need to buy the fruit in wholesales and bring it to a highly marketable product.

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